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GFUSBCA Average Books

There are average books for each bowling season since the association was chartered in 2005. These books can be viewed/downloaded. This includes averages for the ladies in 2002-2003, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 seasons which where members of the Fredericksburg Area Women's Bowling Association (FAWBA). FAWBA became part of GFUSBCA when it was chartered in 2005.


To contact a member of the BoD click on DIRECTORS page and use the e-mail address listed for the desired director.

GFUSBC is a merged association of women, men, and youth.

Local bowling leagues are governed by the GFUSBC Board of Directors.

There are youth, women's, men's and mixed leagues.

The association consist of 4 bowling centers

AMF Dale City Lanes (32 lanes)
AMF Fredericksburg (50 lanes)
Cannon Ball Lanes (10 lanes)
Mountain Run (18 lanes)

GFUSBC Board of Directors

A president, 3 vice presidents, sergeant-at-arms, 3 adult directors, 3 youth directors and an association manager.

Term of office for all members of the board is 2 years, not to exceed 5 consecutive terms. Terms are staggered, 5 positions are up election in even years.

At the annual meeting the association members attending will elect someone to fill the open officer and adult director positions from a list of candidates for those positions. Youth Committee elects Youth directors.

Association manager is hired by the board. Association Manager is a paid position and has no term limit.