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About Greater Fredericksburg USBC Association

We are the Greater Fredericksburg USBC Association, which is chartered by the United States Bowling Congress in May 2005. Our mission is to promote the sport of 10 pin bowling for the men, women and youth members of our organization. This site contains information relating to association officers, tournaments, average books, current leagues, youth news, honor scores, association newsletters and other matters of concern to our members. If you have questions or comments please contact one of the board members using the e-mail address found on the Directors page. On this site you can find photos of the Board of Directors; photos of some of the winners of the youth fund raising tournaments; recipients of the youth and adult scholarships awarded by the association (some photos); pictures of some of the bowlers who have rolled honor scores; results of all of the tournaments conducted by the association since 2005; dates of upcoming tournaments (including Virginia State and USBC national tournaments); display/download any of the GFUSBC newsletters since 2005; display/download all average books since 2005, links to USBC (the national association), Virginia State USBC, Nations Capital USBC, Richmond USBC, AMF Fredericksburg, AMF Dale City, McCorveys Pro Shop, League Secretary, and Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce; display/download the GFUSBC and USBC award criteria and forms; criteria and forms for nominations to the Board Directors, to the Hall of Fame, Youth Scholarship forms and for Outstanding Service Application to the GFUSBC association; and Frequently Asked Questions about your USBC membership card, USBC/Virginia State USBC/GFUSBC membership fees, and information about the GFUSBCA leagues.

Did You Know

GFUSBCA Board of Directors
Title Name Term (exp)
President Jeff Crouch 7/31/2025
1st Vice President Wayne Ferrell 7/31/2024
2nd Vice President Shane Tinsley 7/31/2025
3rd Vice President Donny Smallwood 7/31/2024
Sgt-at-Arms Steve Young 7/31/2025
Director #1 Dan Lorenz 7/31/2024
Director #2 Isabelle Pryor 7/31/2025
Director #3 Randall Pope 7/31/2024
Director #4 Dominic Evans Robinson 7/31/2025
Director #5 Ta'Shawn Jones 7/31/2024
Director #6 Allison Gajdosi 7/31/2025
Association Manager Courtney Tripp No expiration