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GFUSBCA Bowling Centers

Bowlero Dale City Lanes
GFUSBCA Center Rep
Dan Lorenz

Click on image to see a map
4304 Dale Blvd
Dale City, VA. 22183
(703) 670-2111
Certification #01019
32 Lanes

Bowlero Fredericksburg Bowl
GFUSBCA Center Rep
Jeff Crouch

Click on image to see a map
1200 Kilarney Drive
Fredericksburg, VA. 22407
(540) 786-2695
Certification #20001
50 Lanes

Galaxy Strike Bowl
GFUSBCA Center Rep
Beth Klup

251 W. Lee Hwy Ste 650
Warrington, VA. 20186
(540) 216-7195
Certification # 30611
18 Lanes

Cannon Ball Lanes
GFUSBCA Center Rep
D.J. Johnson

17320 Dahlgren Road - Bldg 183
Dahlgren, VA. 22448
(540) 653-7327
Certification # 30179
10 Lanes


NOTE: As of 8/1/2019 lane certtifiation inspections by the local USBC Association are no longer required annually.

All lanes were inspected for:

Lane cross-tilt at 4ft, 16ft, 28ft, 40ft and 52ft
Depressions at 4ft, 16ft, 28ft, 40ft and 52ft.
Pin deck cross tilt, fore and aft tilt
Pin spot
Kickback width
Gutter depth
Foul lites
Lane panel gaps and drops

Specification are:

Cross tilt must be less than .004 inches
Fore and aft tilt must be less than .0187 inches
Kickback width 59 5/8 to 60 inches
Gutter depth 3 3/8 to 3 5/8 inches
Depressions cannot exceed .004 inches
Panel drop cannot exceed .004 inches
Panel gap cannot exceed .05 inches

Links to the last lane cerification report for: