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This site is provided by the Greater Fredericksburg USBC Association, which is chartered by the United States Bowling Congress, to promote the sport of bowling for the men, women and youth members of our organization. This site contains information relating to association officers, tournaments, average books, current leagues, youth news, honor scores, association newsletters and other matters of concern to our members.

Bulletin Board

Average Book for 2019-2020 season
Average Books
Hall of Fame Nomination Flyer (2020)
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Scholarships (2020)
Flyer (2020)
Youth (2020)
Adult (2020)
Top 5 averages
Women, Men, Boys & Girls
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Bobby's Monthly 9 Pin No Tap Tournament
2/14/2021 @ AMF Fredericksburg
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Bobby's Monthly Scotch Doubles Tournament
2/21/2021 @ AMF Fredericksburg
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The 11 in-a-row award, has been discontinued by USBC for adults, but not for Youth bowlers. But GFUSBCA will present an award to bowlers for their first time 11 in-a row score and post all scores on the HONOR SCORES page and if available photos on the HONOR SCORES PHOTO page.
Contact GFUSBCA President
Go to Directors page and use the e-mail address of GFUSBCA's president
Send your notice to the president and the reason you think it should be on the bulletin board.

GFUSBC Membership Fees

Annual USBC Membership Fees
Standard Membership - $23.00
USBC - $13.00
State - $1.00
Local - $9.00
Youth Membership
USBC - $4.00
Local - $4.00
USBC Youth shirts are $7.00 each.
During the 2019-2020 season the bowlers of the Greater Fredericksburg USBC Association donated $2,000.00 to the Susan G. Komen Bowl for the Cure and $2,000.00 to the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) for a total $4,000.00).
This along with the donations during
2018-2019 $4,601.93)
2017-2018 ($2,438.77)
2016-2017 ($3,654.06)
2015-2016 ($5,300.95)
2014-2015 ($3,750.25)
2013-2014 ($6,909.58)
2012-2013 ($7,516.25)
2011-2012 ($6,935.64)
2010-2011 ($5,109.45)
2009-2010 ($7,371.03)
2008-2009 ($2,346.53)
makes a total of $63,934.44 given by bowlers of GFUSBCA to these worthy charities. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work. With your help, a cure for breast cancer may be found in our life time. Also, remember our veterans are the reason we are free to live, worship and express our opinions in this GREAT LAND WE CALL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.